We contribute businesses by combating digital threats

Established in 2021 with its main office in Estonia, Cyberross is a distinguished provider of advanced cybersecurity and data protection solutions. The firm is dedicated to protecting sensitive corporate data worldwide, focusing on preventing unauthorized access, avoiding data breaches, controlling data distribution, and reducing the risk of data destruction.

Guarding your digital edge: secure, alert, resilient

Our team tailors information security programs to meet each client's unique security needs. We create an enabling environment for our clients by helping them grow their businesses by proactively preventing potential threats and effectively responding to actual incidents.

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Our guiding values

With pride, we introduce our five principles: the fundamental values that our team embodies.

Zero tolerance for data leakage

Zero tolerance for data leakage

Safeguarding data from any cyberattacks, regardless of their location, source, or target.

Protecting data against all cyber attacks

Protecting data against all cyber attacks

Acting the right way, standing for good, supporting our customers, partners and clients, and helping each other.

Conducting thorough research and inquiries

Conducting thorough research and inquiries

Remaining watchful and prepared to confront and eliminate threats, regardless of the complexity.

Creating and pioneering new ideas

Creating and pioneering new ideas

Continuously improving our products and services to make a positive impact and proactively combat cyber attacks.

Earning and investing in the cybersecurity

Earning and investing in the cybersecurity

We reinvest our profits and recruit new talent to research the local threat landscape where we operate.

Deep enthusiasm for innovation and research.

Cyberross has become the inaugural private company to successfully investigate over a thousand cases on a global scale, attributed to our cutting-edge solutions and the exceptional expertise of our professionals, all in alignment with the company's mission.

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Critical details and facts

Our cybersecurity knowledge, professional background, and commitment to innovation far exceed mere numerical figures. However, if you're interested, we encourage you to explore and learn more about our capabilities.


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